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Swire Energy Services Add Helideck Inspections to their ISO9001:2015 Certification

Posted 25 Apr 2023

Swire Energy Services Aviation Division offers a complete end to end service, taking care of your helideck operation requirements and HeliFuel refuelling compliance, keeping your offshore aviation operation running safely and smoothly, at all times.

SES recently had a 2-day external audit to add Helideck Inspections (including Audits, Assurance and Certification) to our ISO 9001:2015 certification. The external audit was a success and we passed with no non-conformances or observations being recorded. This demonstrates that SES have a system in place for the management of all our Helideck Inspection projects that is to a high standard; while also ensuring that we operate fully in line with the latest CAA CAP 437, 9th Edition (February 2023), Standards for Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas.

Our HSEQ Advisor (Aviation Services) Suzie Sharma, has developed key documents which help us to manage and align all activities and documentation in relation to Helideck Inspections:

Helideck Inspections (Operations Manual) – Outlines how Helideck Inspections will be integrated into the existing SES Aviation Services Quality Management System and all quality assurance measures are established for the ongoing management of the system. This includes regular planning, management, review, improvements, communication etc. of Helideck Inspection activities and all associated documents.

Helideck Inspection Protocol – A step by step guide for Helideck Inspectors to ensure we conduct Helideck Inspections and engage with our customers in an efficient and consistent manner from the enquiry stage to the project close out stage. This enables all Helideck Inspections to be carried out uniformly, with the needs/expectations of our customers and regular communication with them being one of our key priorities.

Helideck Inspection Visit Risk Assessment – Safety is always our top priority. The Helideck Inspection Visit Risk Assessment helps us to identify all the hazards and risks associated with a helideck visit and helps to ensure all the relevant controls are in place to guarantee the safety of all personnel on a helideck when inspections are being conducted by SES.

Helideck Inspection Checklist – Created by our Global Helideck Audit Manager, David Adams, who has been performing Helideck Inspections globally for a decade. This detailed and thorough checklist has been designed so that critical parts of the helideck have been checked in accordance with the latest CAP 437 guidelines. Through the use of this checklist, SES can identify and communicate any observations and non-compliances to the customer; along with recommending and assisting in the close out of corrective actions.

Helideck Certificate of Compliance – Once we have assisted our customers in the identification and/or close out of non-conformances, we will issue them with the Helideck Certificate of Compliance, which they can use as evidence of full compliance to the latest CAP 437 standard for their helidecks.

Helideck Self-Assessment Checklist– Customers will be issued with the Helideck Self-Assessment Checklist so they can continually monitor key parts of their helidecks and liaise with SES to discuss any concerns or highlight further assistance they required from SES for the upkeep of their helidecks.

Training & Competency – Our Training Co-ordinator, Liam Shand, is dedicated to ensuring training and competency requirements are continually identified, managed and assessed on an ongoing basis. Our aim is to always ensure only the most competent staff perform Helideck Inspections.

The Quality Management System for Helideck Inspections has been created to ensure control measures have been set and are monitored to comply with SES’s high operational excellence aims. Obtaining the ISO 9001:2015 certification for Helideck Inspections now enables SES to give complete assurance to customers and air operators that our highly experienced and competent Aviation team can successfully deliver on all aspects of Helideck Inspection projects to a high quality.

We will aim to apply the same high standards to all Helideck Inspections globally, while working in compliance with local helicopter landing area standards. The priority remains to operate efficiently and effectively so that SES can strive to be the easiest company to work with; ensuring customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do.

To find out more about our integrated services and how we can help you, please get in touch with a member of our specialist Aviation team below.