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System & Helideck Services

Technology driven solutions delivered by our industry experts

Our experienced team provides a comprehensive range of refurbishment, servicing, repair, inspection, and testing services for helifuel system components and helidecks as well as the supply of components and spares.

Engineers certified for offshore work

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Helideck Friction Testing

As one of the aviation industry’s leading specialist suppliers, Swire Energy Services is perfectly placed to ensure your helideck friction tests are conducted to satisfy the latest CAP437 Regulations.

Our offshore engineers are fully trained and certified in the use of the UKCAA’s preferred ‘Braked Wheel’ (Findlay Irvine - Micro GT) Continuous Friction Measuring Device (CFMD), which controls wetness of the deck during testing.

Through the electronic data collection our qualified team are able to provide detailed analysis of the helideck condition and maintenance programme recommendations.

Component inspection and maintenance

Periodic maintenance of refuelling and monitoring systems is important to ensure the delivery of fuel free from particles and water.

We have a large workshop and an experienced team providing a comprehensive range of refurbishment, servicing, repair, inspection, and testing services of Helifuel system components, ensuring work is in compliance with national regulations.

Our experienced team can provide these services across the world.

Service and maintenance of safety and monitoring systems

Our team of engineers can also conduct regular service and maintenance of fire suppression systems, CCTV, safety equipment and helideck monitoring systems - to ensure your operations run smoothly and safely.


Our team can deliver training courses specifically designed to focus on quality control and system management.

Correct operational procedures and quality control management is an essential part of helicopter refuelling. We provide a comprehensive training course, primarily aimed at the quality control and fuel management for helicopter refuelling operations.

Our training is designed to maximise understanding of helicopter refuelling both on and offshore. Swire Energy Services’s team of experienced trainers can bring operational understanding in an interactive environment, all in accordance to both latest UKCAA CAP437 and JIG4 regulatory standards.

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