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Jet A-1/Aviation Refuelling Systems

Helifuel Tank

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Helifuel Tanks US Swire Energy Services Nov20


Helifuel Tanks Swire Energy Services Nov20


9 Safe Use of Aviation Fuel Tanks Swire Energy Services Nov20

O/A 1840mm
O/A 1778mm
O/A 3637mm
Size 2700L
Tare/MGW 3456kg
Payload 4502kg
Config Horizontal
O/A 1995mm
O/A 1995mm
O/A 2573mm
Size 4200L
Tare/MGW 2200kg
Payload 9800kg
Config Vertical
O/A 2750mm
O/A 1850mm
O/A 2440mm
Size 4500L
Tare/MGW 2330kg
Payload 8100kg
Config Horizontal

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Helifuel AS

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Many years of operator feedback and customer support have informed our refuelling system designs and ensure they meet the highest safety standards – while facilitating ergonomic operation and maintenance.

Swire Energy Services acquired Helifuel AS in 2020 who are one of the primary suppliers of refuelling systems globally.

The Helifuel standard product portfolio incorporates modular manufacturing and assembly practices so we deliver cost effective solutions of the highest quality to you.

Helifuel is designed to meet many buying criteria with its standard solutions. Satisfying designers, keeping regulations and safety firmly in sight, supporting purchasers with cost-effective solutions, delivering for operators with a focus on user-friendly and maintenance-friendly solutions – our standard designs offer many advantages.

Dispensing unit

The Helifuel dispensing unit is a fully enclosed 316 stainless steel equipment skid. Included within the skid is the dispensing equipment necessary to ensure that Jet A-1 fuel is delivered safely to the helicopter. The skid contains equipment for filtration, flow measurement dispensing fuel, and control, safety and monitoring instrumentation. It can be located near the helideck or on a platform incorporated with the helideck.

Approved and certified by ABS and DNV-GL.

CAP 437 compliant.

The dispensing unit has a low profile – designed for installation close to the helideck in the obstacle free or limited obstacle sectors – and is modular and expandable.

It encompasses the latest filtration technology and is made of high grade materials to ensure reduced lifecycle maintenance costs.

All items are located inside the cabinet and are protected against UV radiation, particles, water and environmental conditions. The unit also has an ergonomic user-friendly design using front and side doors.

Pump unit

The pump unit connects to the JET A-1 tanks and transfers the fuel to the dispensing unit. It can be either electric or pneumatic driven, and our standard model pump units are designed to stand alone or to be incorporated on the laydown skid holding the JET A-1 tanks.

Approved and certified by ABS and DNV-GL.

CAP 437 compliant

The pump unit, made of high grade materials, possesses the same user-friendly, modularity, expandability and protection features as the dispensing unit.

Our laydown skid is predrilled for an optional heavy duty tank guidance frame bolt-on kit to simplify tank handling by crane.

More than that, it protects the deluge system from mechanical damage and safeguards surrounding equipment near the skid from potential tank impact during handling.

Approved and certified by ABS and DNV-GL.

System refurbishment/upgrade

At Swire Energy Services, we have a well-established portfolio of customer system upgrades and refurbishments to comply with the latest edition CAP 437 regulations.

Rental units and systems

Beyond the supply of new refuelling systems, we have a wide range of systems available for hire. These range from single pump units for transfer of fuel to bulk storage to complete refuelling packages. These units can be supplied as standard design or modified to suit your needs.

Find out more: call our Aviation team on +44 (0)1224 872707 or email Aviation.services@swirees.com