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Helideck Audits

Helping you verify your facilities and vessels meet regulatory standards through full and robust audit programmes.

Let us help you verify that your facilities and vessels meet regulatory standards such as CAP 437, ICAO Annex 14 Vol II, Heliports, national regulations and company guidelines.

We are not solely focused on the helideck/helipad to ensure your aviation operations are safe: we also assure the operating environment, emergency response, team training and competence. This includes the evaluation of crews as well as command and control in normal and emergency situations.

Our auditors actively engage with your leadership team, both onshore and offshore, to ensure the aviation facilities are maintained and operated to the highest standards.

We have years of experience working with clients in the design, build monitoring, acceptance and through life management of helidecks for the oil & gas and offshore renewables sectors, as well as the superyacht industries and onshore hospital, private and commercial helipads.

From initial helideck/helipad concept phase to operational crew training and mentoring, we provide an established system to ensure you have a safe and efficient capability to operate helicopters at sea and on land.

More than that, we have current competence and experience in military ship - air interface, advising on flight deck and aircraft integration. From drawing approval to crew training, we provide an end-to-end service for the client.

Offshore and onshore scope of services – audit, design and support

Offshore and onshore heliport facilities audit and compliance certification


An offshore and onshore heliport facilities audit is carried out to assure the operator and, if necessary, the contracted helicopter operator that it is in compliance with the mandated criteria set out by the national civil aviation authorities (country dependent) for the safe operation of helicopters in the offshore environment.

Additionally, to confirm that personnel responsible for the safe execution of aviation are appropriately trained and competent to carry out their individual and team duties.

Inspection/audit scope

To ensure the helideck is designed to meet the criteria set out primarily in the latest edition of the UK CAP 437 Standards for Offshore Landing Areas and ICAO Annex 14 Vol II (Heliports). Additionally, to assure the client that the supporting infrastructure, including fire and rescue requirements, radio operations, meteorological systems, security and passenger administration are operating in accordance with CAP, ICAO, local and company standards.

The inspection scope is designed to evaluate the following areas:

• Physical characteristics of the helideck

• Helideck and obstacle free sectors

• Firefighting and rescue equipment

• Refuelling systems and quality assurance procedures (if applicable)

• Communication equipment and procedures

• Meteorology support equipment and procedures

• Competence of helideck crew

• Emergency response planning

• Passenger handling facilities

• Helicopter operational procedures (if applicable).


The criteria applied during this inspection process include:

  • UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Civil Air Publication (CAP) 437 is the primary reference.
  • International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Annex 14 Vol II.
  • Company Helideck related documentation - specific operational requirements if applicable e.g. exemptions, concessions and/or company designated procedures.
  • International Association of Oil and Gas Producers Aircraft Management Guidelines Doc 590
  • Oil & Gas UK Guidelines for the Management of Aviation
  • International Best Practice - Offshore Procedures.
  • Inspection / Audit Technique

The inspection technique applied is based on ISO 9001:2008, EN9100 Quality Management Systems, external audit principles. An analysis is made of co-ordinated and control activities with the organisation.

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