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Jet A-1 / Aviation Fuel Certification

Relevant system, process and personnel certification of refuelling to the latest CAA CAP 437 regulations.

We are trusted by customers internationally to deliver robust, quality services in helicopter refuelling system audit and recertification.

Our extensive maintenance programmes are delivered to the highest standards on a 3,6,9 and 12 monthly basis, certifying our customer systems to the latest CAA CAP 437 regulations.

Members of our Aviation Services team draw from their extensive experience and knowledge to be significant contributors to the following key industry standards:

• CAA CAP 437- Standard for offshore helicopter landing areas OGP- Oil & Gas Aircraft management guide

• OGP Report 323- Fuel System Review checklist OLF- Norway Oil & Gas Helideck Manual

• Oil & Gas UK Aviation Management Guidelines.

We have a large team of expert Helifuel engineers, so we can be flexible to suit your mobilisation requirements.

We also offer testing and calibration facilities onboard – covering hoses, pressure relief valves and flow meters, to cite just some examples – so eliminate the need to send parts onshore.

Tank recertification services – offshore

We are equipped to conduct five-year period inspection and 2.5-year periodic inspection services either onshore or offshore, witnessed by recognised certificating agencies.

Find out more: call our Aviation team on +44 (0)1224 872707 or email Aviation.services@swirees.com

Style Size Config Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Tare (kg) Payload (kg) MGW (kg) Capacity (L)
THH 2700L Horizontal 1,840.00 1,778.00 3,637.00 3,456.00 4,502.00 7,958.00 2,700.00
SVTH 4200L Vertical 1,995.00 1,995.00 2,573.00 2,200.00 9,800.00 12,000.00 4,200.00
THHH 4500L Horizontal 2,750.00 1,850.00 2,440.00 2,330.00 8,100.00 10,430.00 4,500.00