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Swire Energy Services can order couplings, both male and female, equipment for annual inspection, wire, equipment for mounting wire and any other necessary equipment that is needed for coupling management.

Swire can also provide annual inspection and maintenance on female couplings that are used offshore.

The services we provide include:

  • Counting and registration of couplings upon arrival
  • Mounting of couplings to tanks
  • Leak test before delivery
  • Administrative work
  • Continuous follow up of maintenance tracker/overview
  • When using permanent tanks, the couplings are dedicated to the tank for better control of correct coupling to correct chemical
  • Annual control of couplings. This includes cleaning and physical check of the couplings. If deficient or damaged, parts will be replaced, and couplings pressure tested.
  • Shipment of female couplings offshore. Couplings are registered directly towards rig and marked with chemical.
  • A description of how annual maintenance will be performed