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Handling and Transport

Secure, robust and reliable chemical handling principles that extend into our dispatch processes and procedures.

Handling and Transportation of Chemicals

Swire Energy Services provides solutions for the handling and transportation of high-value chemicals. We offer only the highest quality tanks and equipment to provide secure, robust and reliable methods of chemical handling. Services include:- Order management, dispatch handling labelling, transport and Logistics Co-ordination.

Handling Solutions

We offer a complete handling solution:

  • Outbound order, receipt management, filtration, repacking/decanting, labelling, sampling/QC testing, goods movement, loading/transporting/transferring (to/across quayside) and to consolidation hub
  • Dispatch paperwork
  • Dangerous goods note
  • MSDS
  • Tank certificate (if applicable)
  • Dispatch certificate
  • Ship manifest
  • Cargo summary (if applicable)
  • Labelling
  • All required labelling requirements i.e. transportation diamonds etc. to meet local, national and EU laws and regulations
  • Sealing of tanks before dispatch offshore, to NOG091 regulations.


Swire Energy Services can offer an end-to-end logistics package.

Through our supplier network, we provide a service that covers both transport and required documentation for customer-owned chemicals in various packaging: kegs, IBCs, offshore tanks, ISO tanks and regular road tankers.

The transport we arrange is planned and executed in accordance with local regulatory and customer requirements. This can also include administrative services for registering and reporting package details into your logistic management system.

We can provide GPS tagging and tracking capabilities for our transport tanks.

Safety Advisors

Swire Energy Services’ Safety Advisors ensure that we operate facilities and processes to the highest standards – all to deliver safe chemical handling, in accordance with industry regulations as a minimum requirement.