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Engineering Services


Swire Energy Services’ team of expert in-house engineers have extensive experience in the design of DNV rated offshore containers that not only comply with industry regulations, but set new standards for innovation, safety and compliance.

Key Services

Equipment layout drawings

Our in-house engineering team can provide detailed layout drawings and images of customer equipment installed inside a Swire Energy Services offshore container to ensure maximum space utilisation and detailed equipment securing as well as highlighting any potential safety considerations

Re-purpose & re-certification of existing equipment

Where existing CCUs do not meet customer requirements, our engineers can propose possible modifications. Drawings and modification instructions are provided along with updated certification where primary structure is modified and load testing is required

Customer interaction & collaborative design

Our engineers are always happy to collaborate and engage with customers, operators, manufacturers and certifying bodies to find innovative solutions to existing industry problems or safety concerns and design new equipment in partnership

Design only & structural integrity analysis

Manufacturing drawings, loading plans, deck layouts and 3D animations can be provided for a variety of structural and mechanical projects along with full calculation packages and structural based FEA reports and design certification, where Swire Energy Services is not necessarily involved in the manufacture or supply of the equipment

Review customer usage

Evaluation of how customers and operators use our equipment can be carried out to advise alternative solutions or best suited equipment to streamline end user operations

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