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Maintenance & Refurbishment

Expert maintenance and refurbishment services, performed by highly trained Swire Energy Services people from dedicated facilities.


Our integrated maintenance services – including refurbishment, painting, cleaning, and modifications – reduce delivery times and transport costs.

Equipment Maintenance & Refurbishment

We offer a selection of blasting & painting services for a variety of equipment types.

Our certified coating inspector can survey equipment onsite and recommend the necessary repair – whether a localised solution, or full blast & paint to achieve maximum protection and coating longevity.

From our refurbishment facilities we can blast & paint equipment to your requirements. Our FROSIO and NACE inspectors can check our delivery of blast & paint work, as well as perform third party inspections if required.

Key Services

Repairs and mechanical work:- Our workshop facilities host repairs, modifications and fabrications on a variety of equipment. It can be part of a full refurbishment on the equipment or a standalone repair/modification/fabrication. We can repair and inspect welds in accordance with various international and local standards, such as DNV, NS477 and IWI-S. All our welders are certified, ensuring the quality of the work.

Sea fastening:- We provide sea fastening used as supports during transportation and cutting after the transport is finished.

Preventative Maintenance:- Scheduled preventative maintenance is essential to ensure uninterrupted operations by proactively identifying and addressing any risks or defects.

Documentation Management:- We can manage all documentation relating to an asset including certifications, inspection and maintenance reports

Service Plans:- We can manage the certification, inspection and maintenance schedules so that our customers can be assured that their equipment is operating at the highest standard at all times, reducing safety risks and eliminating costly delays

Quality Control:- Each modification is monitored and reviewed so our customers can be assured that all outputs are to the same high standard and meet industry regulations

Blasting & Painting

Swire Energy Services offers a selection of blasting and painting services for a variety of equipment types. Our certified in-house coating experts can provide complete surface preparation and abrasive blast cleaning, as well as industrial-quality painting and coating via airless spray.

Our professional and reliable blasting and painting services offer an efficient and cost effective solution for preparing structures and protective your equipment against the harshest of conditions.

Blasting & Painting services and solutions are available from our on-site facilities globally.

Key Services

Asset Inspection & Repair Recommendation:- Our certified coating inspector can survey equipment onsite and recommend the necessary repair, whether a localised repair can be carried out or if full blast and paint is required to achieve maximum protection and coating longevity

Surface Preparation:- Materials such as aluminium, carbon steel, galvanised steel, shop primed steel and stainless steel substances can be prepared at the highest standard for coating

Paint Application:- Specialising in the application of anti-corrosive and high performance painting and coatings via airless spray

Testing:- We have substantial experience in carrying out destructive testing to validate coating performance, and we can conduct these tests in-house and produce a test report If required, accelerated corrosion testing can be carried out via our external testing provider

Quality:- Each stage of the blast and coating process is inspected and documented to ensure the work is carried out to the highest standard


Our cleaning facilities across various locations recycle some of the water used in the cleaning process, allowing us to reduce the amount of additional water added to the process. This also reduces the volumes of water shipped as waste for further treatment. As part of our service we provide cleaning of containers, transport tanks up to 20m3, tank truck, forklifts, tools and other equipment. Our environmentally friendly procedures enable us to reuse over 90% of our water for a cost-effective solution, and our equipment utilised ensures a fast and efficient turnaround for the removal and disposal of a range of substances.

Key Services

Tank Cleaning:- Swire Energy Services offers a comprehensive washing service for tanks up to 60m3 to ensure assets are cleaned thoroughly, eliminating the risk of contamination and ensuring the equipment operates to the highest standard

Truck Cleaning:- Utilising our range of pressure washing equipment, we can provide cleaning services for a range of large trucks and vehicles

Equipment Cleaning:- We can offer the safe and secure cleaning of a range of assets and equipment to ensure minimum disruption to our customers operations


Modifications can be made to our own, or our customers equipment. The primary objective of each modification is to increase the value and utilisation of a standard product with changes that reflect new customer requirements or allow the unit to be used for another purpose.

Key Services

Small, cost effective modifications:- Can be achieved with minimum cost and a quick turnaround. Examples can include integration of small hatches or louvers panels, additional lashing rings / securing points and adding internal shelves and workbenches

Larger, non-structural modifications:- This requires more specialist fabrication and can include adding lids to open tops, skips or cargo baskets, cradles and tool supports and rigging loft conversions

Fully re-engineered units:- Structural modifications to the primary structure of the CCU resulting in re-load testing and re-certification. This includes modifications to fit customer equipment and modifications to comply with new rules and regulations


Full turnkey fabrication solution. Our in-house capabilities ensure that we maintain high specification within tight deadlines providing quick turnaround times to meet our customer’s delivery schedules across the world. We provide our fabrication services across various industries including oil & gas, construction and the renewable energy sector.

Key Services

Project Management:- Our team are dedicated to finding innovative solutions, overseeing each job from start-to-finish ensuring that your requirements are met.

Welding:- Highly skilled welding operatives utilising certified welding procedure specifications in multiple processes inclusive of GSFCAW, GMAW, SMAW & GTAW

NDT & Inspection:- On-site certified technicians in UT, MPI and DPI ensure all fabrications are inspected and meet industry regulations

Shot Blasting & Coating:-Our in-house shot blasting and coating facilities enables us to dramatically reduce delivery lead times

Quality Control:- Each stage of production is monitored and reviewed so our customers can be assured that all products are of the same high standard and meet industry regulations

Documentation Packages:- All fabrication products come complete with associated documentation packages to ensure material traceability and compliance with specifications

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Style Size Config Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Tare (kg) Payload (kg) MGW (kg)
HH1001 10ft/3.1m Swing Door 2,991.00 2,438.00 1,291.00 1,600.00 10,900.00 12,500.00
JA 10ft/3.1m Rem. Side 2,991.00 2,438.00 1,291.00 2,100.00 7,900.00 10,000.00
CBKA 15ft/4.5m Rem. Side 4,572.00 2,438.00 1,410.00 3,100.00 15,000.00 18,100.00
GB 20ft/6.1m 6,060.00 2,430.00 1,205.00 3,080.00 11,920.00 15,000.00
GCA 20ft/6.1m Rem. Side 6,060.00 2,430.00 1,205.00 4,460.00 15,540.00 20,000.00
GKA 23ft/7m Rem. Side/High 7,010.00 2,438.00 1,578.00 4,360.00 15,370.00 19,730.00
GKC 24ft/7.3m Fixed Side/Low 7,315.00 2,591.00 1,179.00 3,850.00 17,850.00 21,700.00
GKB 25ft/7.6m Rem. Side/High 7,619.00 2,438.00 1,578.00 4,500.00 17,800.00 22,300.00
Style Size Config Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Tare (kg) Payload (kg) MGW (kg)
AMF 5ft/1.6m Standard 1,590.00 1,856.00 2,711.00 1,420.00 4,580.00 6,000.00
AME 5ft/1.6m Tall 1,590.00 1,856.00 2,991.00 1,560.00 4,440.00 6,000.00