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Swire Energy Service AS, Norway started up in 1985. With over 35 years of experience delivering offshore container solutions, Swire Energy Services has evolved into a fully integrated service provider. Unrivalled in our fleet capabilities and service offerings. Our quality of service combined with our product range of offshore container, workspaces and related service offering make us a supplier of choice for the ever-demanding offshore industry. All our Norwegian bases offer a range of Services including Offshore Container Integrity, Aviation and Chemical Services. In Denmark we work with our partner IAT.

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Swire Energy Services operates along the Norwegian coastline ensuring speed of service and local experts ensuring Swire Energy Services are the easiest company to work with. With bases in:-

Tananger - just outside Stavanger is the Head office for Swire Energy Services in Norway. Swire Energy Services have a 40,000 sqm base with full refurbishment facilities to support our customers needs

Mongstad Base Manager

Mongstad Base:- offering the full range of services

Duty Call (24/7): +47 95 94 91 91

Floro Base Manager

Fjordbase in Florø:- offering the full range of services

Duty Call (24/7): +47 91580223

Kristiansund Base Manager

Vestbase in Kristiansund:- offering the full range of services

Duty Call (24/7): +47 90 12 51 07

ASCO Norge AS – Sandnessjøen

ASCO Base, Horvnes in Sandnessjøen :- offering the full range of services

Duty Call (24/7): +47 95 33 66 99
Request/ordering of units:

Hammerfest Base Manager

Polarbase in Hammerfest:- offering the full range of services

Duty Call (24/7): +47 98 20 83 98


The IAT offshore base in Esbjerg is the partner for Swire Energy Services.

The fleet covers all major product areas of containers, tanks and basket and all major repair and testing facilities are also located in Esbjerg.

All our offshore activities are also located in Esbjerg, were we offer a large fleet of rental equipment including compressors, generators, lifting equipment, and international transport and logistics solutions.

IAT’s website :