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Blade Inspection & Repair

Allying technology with blade expertise to ensure integrity across the lifetime of an asset

Autonomous drone blade inspections

Collect robust, reliable and repeatable data from your wind turbine blades with our autonomous drone inspection solution.

Combining expert drone technology and intuitive software, you will gain full visibility of the condition of your blades - enabling you to effectively prioritise maintenance and repairs, and minimise downtime.

Blade repair

Extend the life of your blades, enhance their effectiveness and minimise downtime by rapidly conducting repairs.

Our highly skilled, fully-certified team of technicians conducts a range of repairs to wind turbine blades - from basic blade repairs through to full structural repairs, and everything in between. This includes repairing damage caused by leading edge erosion, which can reduce the aerodynamic efficiency of turbine blades, and impact annual energy production.

End of warranty inspection campaigns

Detect deficiencies or failures of critical components before the end of your warranty period, and ensure repairs or replacements are actioned in a timely manner.

Our team can help you identify defects, and provide you with detailed reports on our findings.

“Having recently become the major shareholder of wind O&M technology firm BladeInsight, Swire Energy Services is uniquely positioned to not only identify blade issues through autonomous drones and cloud-based software, but also rapidly perform repairs and maintenance to maximise uptime and extend the life of your assets.”

Iain Malcolm
Iain Malcolm, Director of Sales & Business Development
Iain Malcolm

Iain Malcolm

Director of Sales & Business Development +44 797 639 6932 iain.malcolm@swirees.com

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