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Pre-Assembly, Installation & Commissioning

Full scope or tailored support to your project requirements

Swire Energy Services can provide a full end-to-end solution, from pre-assembly and installation of your turbines, to full commissioning and mechanical & electrical decommissioning.


With over 20 years’ experience our wind team has worked on over 1000 wind turbine generators across our pre-assembly projects, bringing expertise to support end-to-end delivery of pre-assembly.

Having worked across Europe with major offshore OEMs, our industry experts are able to offer project solutions including:

  • Tower and nacelle assembly
  • Mechanical and electrical installation and testing
  • Cable work
  • Handling and load-out

Installation support

Ensure wind turbine installations are executed safely, with efficiency and integrity at the forefront, and grow your sustainable energy generation and capacity.

Swire Energy Services can meet your specific needs - from a complete project solution, to technicians working under your management. Our key services include inspections, factory acceptance testing, project planning & management, and manpower support.

Our vast experience spans both mechanical and electrical installations across various foundation systems, turbine models and manufacturers.

Commissioning support

Achieve reliable, safe and timely grid connection for an individual wind turbine or an entire wind farm.

We support you in achieving grid connection by commissioning the wind turbines utilising our own tools and test equipment. Our services include commissioning, high voltage service, manpower support, post-completion inspections and end of warranty inspections.

Having successfully delivered grid connection support onshore and offshore for over 20 years, and energised over 2,000 turbines, our team is recognised as one of the most experienced commissioning partners in the wind industry. We therefore have a unique level of experience and technical knowledge that we can apply to your upcoming project.

Decommissioning support

Swire Energy Services can provide a full mechanical and electrical decommissioning service, including planning and project management, to take into consideration the infrastructure and phased timelines of the turbines being taken offline.

These services are safety driven, and complete the extensive cradle-to-grave service offering to the sector.

"With an extensive track record of international projects, and close working relationships with leading turbine manufacturers, our knowledge and experience across installation, commissioning and decommissioning is invaluable to our customers."

Esben Schmidt, Executive Key Account
Wind Turbines Offshore
Iain Malcolm

Iain Malcolm

Director of Sales & Business Development +44 797 639 6932 iain.malcolm@swirees.com

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