We have come a long way since 1979


Operating from over 30 countries, employing more than 750 employees, we have invested hundreds of thousands of man hours over the last four decades defining, developing and mastering our skills to ensure we are the easiest company to work with.

From a local Scottish container company, to the Global Leader of rental, sales and services for DNV 2.7-1 certified Offshore Containers,
we have come a long way since 1979.

Read about Swire Energy Services journey on our interactive timeline.

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    Our history begins with the acquisition of EPD Containers and Supply Ltd.

    As part of its strategy to invest in the energy sector, John Swire & Sons purchases Aberdeen-based EPD Containers and Supply Ltd; a specialist provider of North Sea Transport and Storage equipment.

    EPD changes its name to Swire EPD (1982) and proceeds to strengthen its UK market position with the acquisition of Fisher and Spandler Ltd in Great Yarmouth (1984) and Whitlam Tanks in Aberdeen (1985).

    Swire EPD makes its first move into the Norwegian market (1985), establishing the business in Stavanger.

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    Further business expansion with key acquisitions across the North Sea

    Between 1987-89 three strategic acquisitions are made across Norway and the UK to reinforce Swire EPD’s North Sea operations; TipHook and Grampian Containers in the UK (1987) and West Container in Norway (1989).

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    Norwegian roots deepen

    The Norwegian headquarters are opened in Stavanger (1991), alongside the operational base. Throughout the early 90’s Swire EPD further develops its Norwegian roots by establishing bases across the coastline in Floro (1992) and Kristiansund (1994).

    Back in the UK, Swire EPD acquires Caird Group & Ice Containers (1995), growing the equipment and operational capacity across the North East of Scotland.

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    Swire EPD becomes Swire Oilfield Services

    In 1998 Swire EPD renames itself as Swire Oilfield Services, to better reflect the expanding range of services and geographical footprint of the business.

    With North Sea activity increasing, Norwegian based company STS Containers is acquired (2000) to help with the increased capacity requirements within the market.

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    A move into the African market, while strengthening the home position

    Swire Oilfield Services makes its first move into the international market, establishing a representative agreement with Prime Leasing Nigerian (2001), and Prime Power Angola (2003) to support the increased oil exploration across West Africa.

    To reinforce the newly developed service offerings, Swire Oilfield Services establishes a new tank yard (2002) and Chemical yard (2003) at its Aberdeen Altens facility, deliver Chemical management services and strengthening the tank rental offering to the North Sea market.

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    Global expansion across major global oil regions

    Prime Leasing Nigeria and Prime Power Angola are acquired (2007) after the success of the partnerships agreements established in the early 2000’s.

    In the US, Swire Oilfield Services makes its first entry into the Gulf of Mexico, strengthened by the acquisition of Houma based Circulation Tools (2007), significantly increasing the US operations both onshore and offshore.

    Furthering its global expansion, Perth based Maritime Products and Services is acquired (2008), marking the first entry into the Australian market, followed with the acquisition Weir OCI the following year (2009).

    Summer of 2009, Swire Oilfield Services enter the Brazilian market with an agreement established with Control Union.

    Swire Water Systems, a child company of Swire Oilfield Services, is established (2010) alongside the acquisition of Gator Tanks (2010) to support the growing onshore activity across North America.

    Notwithstanding the challenging landscape across the Oil & Gas market, Swire Oilfield Services continues to invest globally with a long-term strategy, establishing itself as the global market leader in the offshore cargo carrying sector.

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    Global growth boom with establishment of key location bases

    Four key global base and office locations are established throughout 2011; Macae in Brazil, Heyshame in the UK, Port Harcourt in Nigeria and the USA office Headquarters in Houston.

    The Asia Pacific regional base is established with the Singapore office and base (2012), shortly followed by the established of the Karratha base in Australia (2012).

    Swire Oilfield Services opens its first ever sling manufacturing plants in the UK and Brazil (2012) to support the increasing volume of CCU’s operating in the North Sea and Southern American region.

    In the UK, Swire Oilfield Services builds its new state of the art Head Office in Aberdeen, to house the UK division and global Group function staff (2012).

    Three further global bases are developed between 2014-2015; Benfica base in Angola (2014), Hammerfest base in Norway and the Houston base in the US.

    2015 Swire Oilfield Services makes its first move into the United Arab Emirates, establishing two offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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    Weathering the storm with service development and continued investment

    Albeit a difficult operating landscape, Swire Oilfield Service continues to push forward globally by establishing representative agreements in Saudi Arabia, Equatorial Guinea, Azerbaijan, Indonesia and Ivory Coast, as well as setting up the Trinidad operations.

    As part of the organisational diversification and service strategy, Swire Oilfield Service acquires Aberdeen base Aviation specialist, Gordon Engineering Services (2018) to expand the aviation service operations across the North Sea and Middle East.

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    Path to Energy Transition - Brand Change to Swire Energy Services

    Swire Oilfield Services changes its name to Swire Energy Services to position itself for Energy Transition to target and develop offering for the offshore wind markets

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    Further investments as SES acquires Blade Insight and All NRG

    In 2021 two strategic acquisitions are made to reinforce Swire Energy Services' endeavours into the Wind industry; Blade Insight and All NRG.