Excellence as Standard

Swire Energy Services have implemented an Operational Excellence program ensuring operational efficiencies are maximised and expectations are exceeded through standardisation and continuous improvement across the organization, delivering Excellence as Standard.

In order to support our global capabilities, and achieve our Vision of being the easiest company to work with, Swire Energy Services developed an Operational Excellence program that has been implemented across the global business to ensure operational efficiencies are maximised and expectations are exceeded through standardisation and continuous improvement.

Excellence as Standard principles are

Swire Energy Services delivers Excellence as Standard through the implementation of the Operational Excellence programme across the four services lines of:

  • Offshore Containers
  • Aviation
  • Chemical
  • Integrity


  • Consistent service delivered from all locations globally
  • Universal controls and processes in place to maintain standards ensuring a consistent and reliable service globally
  • Personnel trained to global standards and competencies are assessed to ensure consistent and reliable service delivery globally
  • All operational learnings are shared and implemented globally

Operational Excellence – Offshore Containers

Cradle-to-grave life cycle management for all aspects of design, maintenance, inspection, and certification of offshore containers, and transportable tanks’ in accordance with international standards including DNV2.7-1, DNV2.7-2, LEEA, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001.

Standard operational activities across Swire Energy Services through the Operational Excellence program ensures the highest levels of service is always delivered in the supply of new offshore containers, and across all offshore container rental operational processes.
All operational facilities, including sub-contractors, are monitored against these process
requirements on a continual basis through a program of self-assessment and audit and these are underpinned through three global technical standards:

  • Inspection of Offshore Containers
  • Test & Compliance of Offshore Containers
  • Maintenance of Offshore Containers

Operational Excellence – Aviation Services

Life-Cycle management of all aspects of helicopter refuelling systems and helideck inspection, maintenance, repair, certification, and training, in accordance with international standards including CAA (CAP437), ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, NORSOK.

New equipment supply services includes on-site survey, design, certification, delivery, commissioning, training of personnel, fuel storage, and supply of spares for all equipment. Operational excellence ensures the highest levels of services

Aviation services provide all aspects of design, maintenance, inspection, testing, and certification, through remote and on site (internationally offshore and onshore) Aviation Services Technicians.

Operational Excellence – Chemical Services

Through dedicated specialised facilities within our global footprint chemical services manages and delivers chemicals products in accordance with all legislative requirements (CHOMA, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001) and through standardised processes to meet all aspects customer quality conformance and customer specific requirements.

Excellence is delivered through four standard processes which can be tailored to specific customer requirements:

  • Storage & Despatch of Bulk Chemicals and Raw Materials
  • Blending of Speciality Chemical Products
  • Testing, Compliance, and Sample Retention of Chemicals
  • Disposal of Waste Chemicals

Operational Excellence – Integrity Services

Service personnel deliver operational excellence through the application of international, legislative, and local technical standards including:

  • Period Report of Thorough Examinations to International Standards (DNV2.7-1, 2.7-2, LOLER, LEEA,)
  • Non-destructive Examinations (Magnetic Particle, Eddie Current, Liquid Penetration, Ultrasonic)
  • Welding to class certification
  • Painting and coating to NACE Level II, NORSOK, and ISO 9001

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