Tubular Safety
Locked In

A safety revolution in tubular and casing transportation

The Tubular Rack System (TRS) delivers a global safety solution for the handling and transportation of pipe casing and tubulars and provides an overall safer and more efficient mode of tubular transportation from quayside to offshore installations.

The Safety Problem

Over a sustained period, it was identified that a high number of safety alert observations and events were related to tubular cargo handling injuries on supply vessels, with several people narrowly escaping serious injury.

This was contributed to:

  • Crew climbing on pipe to access slings
  • Access to safe havens restricted
  • Access to escape routes restricted
  • Pipe displacement due to operational conditions
  • Deck space restrictions

Delivering the Solution

The TRS has been specifically designed to tackle the main safety and operational hazards faced during tubular transportation and is helping to address major health and safety issues.

The TRS creates a structured and safe procedure for tubular cargo handling, with benefits including:

  • Removed need for deck crew to walk on tubular cargo
  • Protected walkway areas
  • Access to safe havens
  • Deployed in 60 minutes
  • Flexible tubular handling solution for supply vessels

The TRS allows 25% more tubulars to be carried, increasing deck space and operational efficiencies.

  • Improved safety for personnel on vessels

  • Improved deck space utilisation with 2m high stacking

  • Reducing load time at quayside and offshore

  • Flexible deck footprint - 90% reusable space

Design Spec

+ + + + +
  • Designed, manufactured and certified to DNV2.7-3
  • Multi fasten points for flexible fitting
  • Total installation time approximately 60 minutes
  • Developed to be used on any supply vessel
  • Suitable for Range 2 and Range 3 drill pipe, casing etc
  • Increased deck crew safety
  • Organised transit slings and removes need for deck crew to walk on top of pipe bundles
  • Award winning system
Container type Tubular Rack System
O/A Length 11,000mm
O/A Width 6,394mm
O/A Height 2,485mm
Vessel Size
Tare 12,350kg
MGM 12,350kg