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Swire Energy Services has been in business since 1979. Our business has stood the test of time as we have always looked ahead and incorporated tools to digitalise our day to day operation.

Digital transformation is an ongoing effort within Swire Energy Services to rewire all operations for the ever-evolving digital world. This is done by adopting the correct technologies and collaboration with customers and suppliers in order to improve processes, strategies, reduce Co2 emissions and digitalise the customer experience.

Swire Energy Services have recently implemented a new ERP system that integrates core business functions throughout our North Sea companies. This allows employees, customers, and vendors the targeted, real-time data access that they need to simplify and streamline the day to day operations.

A key element to enable our digital roadmap is the state-of-the-art integration platform that was forming a key part of the implementation.

This investment also allows us to Digitalise the Customer Journey.

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Digitalisation Strategy

Swire Energy Services is committed to the development of its businesses and created the 2020 Digitalisation strategy in 2017 together with key members of Swire Energy Services and Cap Gemini.


  • To be leaders in digitalisation in the industries in which we operate
  • Optimise end to end process efficiency
  • Efficiency and cost savings in operation
  • Be the easiest company to work with
  • Diversify from commodity business
  • Increase market share and customer base
  • Disrupt the market with an innovative approach
  • Enable new ways of operation
  • Improve interaction with customers

OverVu - Track and Trace Technology

OverVu is an enterprise grade, feature-rich software application platform, providing end-users with the ability to identify, locate and track equipment across the globe, viewing asset location and status by just using a web browser. ​Swire Energy Services has long been at the forefront of track and trace technology, and this pioneering approach continues today.

This innovative, future-proofed software application platform provides built-in support for a range of identification and data capture technologies, from bar codes to global positioning system (GPS)
tags. These identification devices are attached to materials and equipment and applied in accordance with business process needs. Our focus is on enhancing business processes and optimising workflows, rather than simply applying a particular technology.

Through OverVu, customers can achieve high-fidelity, qualified data to facilitate improved business intelligence, leading to optimisation of supply chain operations.

OverVu offers both GPS and RFID based solutions that allow customers to monitor the location and compliance status of both rented and customer owned assets. OverVu is available in Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, North and South America.

With over 10,000 rental assets monitored by either GPS or RFID, and in excess of one million individually serialised assets under management, OverVu has the proven track record of helping customers to improve asset visibility and operational efficiency.

OverVu Features

  • Create a customised dashboard for specific needs
  • Query asset location, history and status
  • Receive alerts on asset movements
  • Flexibly define alert conditions
  • Create geo-fencing boundaries using an intuitive point and click, stringing technique
  • Simply hover over an area or individual asset to expose pertinent information
  • Access asset certification documents and contents information
  • Create structured reports, including graphical representations of key performance indicators such as asset utilisation

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