Our Aim is to be an employer of choice by providing an inclusive environment where all employees are treated with respect. We are committed to promoting a supportive and inclusive environment.

Diversity & Inclusion

As our business is growing and expanding, we recognise the importance of diversity and inclusion and the positive impacts it has on our company. Swire Energy Services is proud to be part of the John Swire & Sons Group who are the owner of many international companies with employees of different religious and political beliefs, races, cultures, nationalities, ages, sexual orientations and physical abilities.

It is our policy to provide an environment free from any form of discrimination against our employees, customers or clients, all are entitled to be treated with respect and dignity.

We believe in equal opportunities for all our employees and recognise that our businesses benefit from the diversity of our people.

Investment in our Human Capital

Our people are recruited and promoted based on merit. We believe in creating an environment where people feel comfortable at work and able to realise their full potential.

Onboarding is key to our success in retaining our employees we provide comprehensive induction programmes that include; history of our company, product training, a “day in the yard” or “day in the office” experience.

Feedback from our new joiners include “family culture”, “supportive”, “approachable at all levels”.

Developing our people to be the best of their potential is an ongoing commitment from our Company.

Our development/career opportunities include apprenticeships, on-the-job training, cross functional training, mentoring and coaching.


Investing in apprentices supports our long-term success of the business along with addressing the skills shortage and supporting our local communities. We have found that not only our apprentices and business gain from the apprenticeship, our experienced employees are also empowered by enabling them to share their experience and knowledge.

We are committed to:

Health & Wellbeing

We believe in importance and value of looking after the health and wellbeing of our staff in turn promoting an engaged and productive workforce. We promote Mental Health awareness through initiatives and communications to highlight the importance of good mental health. We provide guidance and tools to enable our staff to choose a solution that works for them as an individual.

Recognition and Reward

We recognise our employees for their commitment, performance and loyalty.

We offer awards for those who go above and beyond their duties whether it is for Health & Safety initiatives, interventions, customer feedback or in line with our values to share our appreciation for those who go that Extra Mile.

Flexible Working

As a family owned Company we recognise and value the importance of a healthy work life balance and pride ourselves on our ability to provide flexible working for our employees. In doing so both the business and our employees benefit from these working patterns enabling us to meet our customer needs across multinational operations.

Engaged Workforce

We strive to maintain an engaged, motivated and cohesive workforce. To enable us to achieve our objective we run regular engagement surveys to enable us to identify areas for improvement. We encourage our employees to participate in decisions and influence decisions regardless of level of position.

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