Rigging Lofts

Swire Energy Services offer a range of Rigging Lofts including the supply and management of all lifting gear and certification.

Rigging Lofts
Rigging Lofts

Rigging Lofts

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O/A 9999mm
O/A 9999mm
O/A 9999mm
Tare/MGW 9999kg
Payload 9999kg

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Rigging Lofts

Swire Energy Services offers a range of standard or bespoke rigging lofts in a variety of sizes, for sale or rental, to meet our customers operational requirements and to optimise work space efficiency.

Our rigging lofts are equipped with workbenches, shelves and runway beams to ensure all equipment is stored correctly.

Our safe stacking design allows for optimal space utilisation while providing a safe working environment for people and equipment.

Available from our 58 bases around the globe in Europe, Africa, North & South America, Asia- Pacific and the Middle East and Caspian Sea

Key Features

  • DNV 2.7-1 and EN 12079
  • ISO 1496/ISO 668/ISO 6346 & CSC
  • Workbench assembly with drawer unit
  • Shelving unit
  • Wall mounted shelves
  • 2 x sling bracket assemblies with support rails

Alongside our standard fleet we offer a vast variety of bespoke and made to measure rigging loft solutions delivered by our dedicated engineering service team.