Tubular Transportation Frame


Swire Oilfield Services offers a variety of standard and made-to-measure tubular handling solution. Our tubular frames and tubular racking systems comply with the highest standards and offer the very best in safe and efficient tubular storage and transportation. Our tubular handling solutions are available for sale and hire.

Tubular Transportation Frame

Key features

  • Units designed and manufactured to BS EN 12079 standards and certified for offshore use
  • Dual purpose, certified sling set
  • In built cargo securing system
  • Complete with fork lift pockets
  • Reduced manual handling by up to 80%
  • Designed for safe stacking
  • Cover most diameters of tubulars
  • Different size tubulars can be carried in the same frame
  • Carrying capacity of 10,900Kgs
Swire Tubular Transportation Frame Ttf

Tubular Rack Systems (TRS)

TRS delivers a global safety solution for the handling and transportation of pipe casing and tubulars, providing an overall safer and more efficient mode of tubular transportations from quayside to offshore installations.

The TRS Solution