Refuelling Systems Supply

Swire Energy Services is an established OEM with a track record in the design, build and installation of refuelling systems for the offshore industry, with over 30 years’ of operator feedback and customer support have ensured our refuelling system designs, ensuring they meet the highest safety standards – while facilitating ergonomic operation and maintenance.

SES supply Jet A-1 and Gasoline Refuelling systems across multiple sectors meeting global and local standards

- Offshore Oil & Gas

- Marine

- Super Yacht

- Military

- Offshore Wind

Our Systems

Our team have over 150 years collective experience in designing, building and installing aviation refuelling systems.

The range of standardised and bespoke systems we design, build and install includes:

  • Helifuel Refuelling Systems

  • Gasoline Refuelling Systems

  • Other Fuelling Systems

Designed with safety firmly in sight, we support customers with cost-effective solutions with a focus on user-friendly and maintenance-friendly solutions.

Dispensing unit

The dispenser unit is housed on a fully enclosed 316 stainless steel equipment skid. Included within the skid is the dispensing equipment necessary to ensure that Jet-A1 fuel is delivered safely to the helicopter. The skid contains equipment for filtration, flow measurement dispensing fuel and the control, safety and monitoring instrumentation. The dispenser unit is designed for use on offshore installations, rigs, ships and other vessels.

The dispensing unit can be located near the helideck or on a platform incorporated with the helideck.

Pump Units

The Pump Unit connects to the JET A-1 tanks and transfers the fuel to the Dispensing Unit.

The Pump Unit can be either electrical or pneumatic driven.

Our standard model Pump Units are designed to stand alone or to be incorporated on the Laydown Skid holding the JET A-1 Tanks.

Laydown skid

The laydown skid is designed to hold the transportable JET A-1 Tanks within a bunded area, to provide deluge fire protection and to protect surrounding equipment from potential mechanical impact during tank handling.


  • Approved and certified by ABS & DNV-GL under Helifuel’s type approvals
  • Predrilled for an optional heavy duty Tank Guidance Frame bolt-on kit to simplify tank handling by crane. Protects the deluge system from mechanical damage and protects surrounding equipment near the skid from potential impact from the tank during handling
  • Drip tray holds minimum 110% of the volume of one tank
  • Drip tray slopes against drain nozzles, two on each side of the skid for maximum flexibility during installation (only two required).
  • Plug and play installation, comes with bolted weld pads
  • Lifting Lugs, with lift test certificates
  • High end paint system for rough handling
  • Designed to fit in to standard container for cost effective and easy transport.
  • Designed to hold Pump Unit if required. Pump Unit installed on the skid simplifies installation and the number of interfaces vs a self standing Pump Unit.
  • Deluge system incorporated (Water or AFFF deluge nozzles)
  • AFFF foam deluge package can be incorporated on the package upon request

Standard Design units

SES have a standard design unit which meets CAP - 437 requirements and offer a cost effective solution to meet your refuelling requirements.

Standard designs come with all of the required documentation and new builds can be built quicker to meet your operational demands.

speak top our team about our standard design refuelling package which includes

- Dispensing unit

- Pump unit

- Tanks

- Laydown skid

Customised Systems

If our standard solutions do not meet your requirements, we can develop a customised solution to perfectly suit your specific needs.

During the past 20 years we have designed and delivered a variety of custom made system configurations for our clients across the globe.

Our engineers can assist you in the process of defining a solution which meets your request as well as complies with national and global regulations.

Supply of spare parts

Equipment or parts may need to be replaced due to wear, damage or for periodic maintenance. Swire Energy Services is fully stocked with a comprehensive selection of equipment and spare parts for helicopter refuelling systems across our global locations,
ensuring quick delivery time and availability for our clients.

Advantages of working with Swire Energy Services for all of your Refuelling needs

  • Approved and certified by ABS & DNVGL under our type approvals CAP 437 compliant innovative high quality technical solutions
  • High grade material selection to ensure reduced life cycle maintenance cost.
  • Cost effective and very user friendly design using front and side door
  • Side roller door: All instruments, lubricators, pressure regulator and valves for regular use are easily accessible. Front roller door: Mainly for maintenance access of pumps and motors
  • All items located inside the cabinet e.g protected against UV radiation, particles, water, environmental conditions
  • Modular and expandable (e.g bolt on sample cabinet or an elevation kit that rises the unit
  • All electric cables and components are installed, MC checked and tested by certified electricians
  • Motor starter (EX version) can be incorporated on the unit or as shipped loose item (Non EX version for location in Safe Area)
  • Professionally labelled including operating instruction labels
  • High grade surface treatment of painted components
  • Flushed to NAS 8 or better
  • Built in deluge system to meet class society requirements where applicable

Why Choose Swire Energy Services

SES are experts in building, installing and maintaining your refuelling systems

  • Approved and certified by ABS and DNV.
  • Proven track record working with United States Coast Guard
  • Fully compliant with existing and future CAP 437 standards
  • Custom-design and manufacture capabilities
  • Established for over 25 years’
  • Experts in refuelling systems

Supported worldwide by regional SES specialist engineers

Approved and certified by ABS and DNV-GL

Fully compliant with existing and future CAA CAP 437 standards

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