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1000 Days LTI Free for Angola

The journey to 1000 days LTI free for Angola
Posted 06 Dec 2022


On 13 November 2022, Swire Energy Services Angola Lda (SESAL) reached the milestone of 1000 days without a recorded Lost Time Incident (LTI), and this celebration is a very proud moment for the whole team.

To reduce and minimise the risk of any LTIs, SES uses a range of techniques to sustainably minimise risks in its daily operations. The local team decided to focus on Eliminate, Reduce, Isolate, Control, Personal Protective Equipment, Discipline, the ‘ERICPD’ mnemonic, to support the implementation of a co-ordinated approach, with a hierarchy of risk control measures.

The SESAL team regularly conduct reviews of its operations to monitor where the ERICPD principles and be applied to further minimise risks in its daily activities. Alongside this methodology, the team are encouraged to exercise the use of their Stop Work Authority (SWA), a programme which gives all employees the right to halt operations where at-risk behaviours arise. These processes support the culture of a safe workplace, with internal responsibility and front-line engagement in safe work practices have been a major contributing factor in SESAL building on its LTI metrics and ensuring a safe environment for all its employees to work within.

Ini Ikang, SES Sub Sahara General Manager noted “The achievement was a key milestone for our business in Angola, one for which the whole team is exceedingly proud of, operating in often-challenging circumstances and environment.

The achievement is the result of continuous diligent attention by our people to policies and procedures designed to keep them safe.”

This milestone is a great reward for the teams individual and collective efforts to make work and the workplace safe for everyone and is an achievement we can continue to improve and build on, throughout the whole company.