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3000 LTI-free days for SES Nigeria

Swire Energy Services Nigeria reach 3000 LTI-free days. A landmark health & safety achievement.
Posted 09 Mar 2021

3000 LTI-free days for SES Nigeria

As a result of over 8 years of effectively managed initiatives, our Nigeria team are celebrating 3000 LTI-free days.

At Swire Energy Services (SES), we pride ourselves on our commitment to ensuring health and safety is the priority in our working environments. Our Nigeria team’s achievement is a manifestation of years of initiatives and practices involving both our own staff and our customers.

Our senior management in Africa made health & safety a priority in their staff culture. Ini Ikang, General Manager for Africa, commented, “HSE considerations come before everything we do; our people embrace this, and our customers respect it. Our teams are empowered to freely exercise their ‘Stop Work Authority’, a programme which gives all employees the right to halt operations where at-risk behaviours arise.

Staff are encouraged to report potentially hazardous conditions and behaviour in the knowledge that management will treat them promptly with the upmost importance. Our team’s confidence in their ability to report issues has been the cultural cornerstone of their success and the ‘No-blame approach’ has developed a process that is free from the anxiety that often surrounds health and safety.”

All SES Nigeria staff partake in their “HSE manager for a day” programme which sets out to encourage employees to appreciate and take ownership of the impacts of health and safety within their workplace. Continual awareness regarding HSE is also raised at daily toolbox talks, weekly safety meetings and through the issuance of safety moments & safety alerts in meetings internally and with customers. The culture around health and safety combined with staff education is the driving force for these fantastic successes.

We are incredibly proud of the achievement of SES Nigeria; it is one that we strive to replicate all over the world.