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Announcement from CEO - Covid-19

Posted 19 Mar 2020

Dear Customer and Partner

What started as a cluster of pneumonia cases in China in December 2019 has over the last months quickly developed into a global pandemic with a growing impact on our daily lives and the ability to perform business as usual.

As a company and employer, we have a great responsibility to ensure that we are taking the right measures to protect our employees, customers and partners and avoid further spread of the virus, while at the same time doing whatever we can to ensure business continuity and minimize disruption of our services. During our 40 years of operations around the world, we have developed solid plans and procedures to respond to a crisis such as this. However, the magnitude and impact of this pandemic is difficult to predict and we need to constantly adapt to minimize the impact and secure continuity.

Swire Energy Services is following the global development of the COVID-19 situation closely through official channels and in close collaboration with our local management teams around the world so we can quickly adjust our own preventive and contingency plans should this be necessary. We have activated our Emergency Response Teams who are in regular communication with each other to ensure consistency and continuity of operations in compliance with recommendations from the World Health Organisation and local authorities.

I want to personally assure you we are doing everything possible to keep our operations and services available without challenging the safety of our own and your employees while reducing the risk of further spread. This may temporarily impact the way we are operating or the way we are collaborating with you. Our local teams are committed to working with you on the changes necessary and I hope that together we can find the best possible solutions. We are a strong company with more than 200 years legacy through our owners, John Swire & Sons, and will continue to support you through and beyond this difficult period.

Our vision of being the easiest company to work with rooted in our core values of Excellence, Integrity, Continuity, Endeavour and Humility is more important than ever to tackle the challenges brought upon us.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to Swire Energy Services.


Manfred Vonlanthen
CEO - Swire Energy Services