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We’re developing our customer experience

Customer satisfaction survey Q1 2021
Posted 14 May 2021

We’re developing our customer experience

Swire Energy Services’ vision is to be the easiest company to work with, and as such customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. Open and honest communication with our customers allows us to ensure a continuous improvement programme which strives to deliver value to our clients globally. As an organisation we distribute quarterly customer satisfaction surveys utilising the NPS methodology.

In March we conducted our first customer satisfaction survey of the year to our clients worldwide. The headline result of which was an NPS score of 52.7, the companies highest score since the implementation of the methodology in 2017.

On average business to business markets see an NPS score of between 25 and 33, as such we are proud of the latest results. At SES we want to set the highest standards for our services, that’s why we aspire to achieve a regular NPS score of 50 & above.

What has this meant for our customers?

As a direct result of our Q1 survey our regional teams are directly developing their services to improve our customers experience.

In the United Kingdom customers expressed a desire to access testing & inspection certification online. As a result, our UK team have now expanded access to our Certificate Database to include both our equipment and certification on third party equipment. The database will allow all UK customers to access their testing and inspection certificates online, at their own discretion, without the need for liaising.

In the USA a major Oil & Gas client expressed a need for an increased fleet due to a consolidation in their logistics supply network. To support their need, our team have actively mobilised additional SES inventory to the Houma staging facility to ensure the client is fully supported to fulfil their increased work scope.

In Qatar, customers provided feedback on how a developed communication process would give them the capacity to streamline their operations. To support our customers in the region, we have invested in an additional resource to specifically improve customer communication turnaround times

What is NPS?

We evaluate customer satisfaction through the Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology. It is based on a single question “How likely are you to recommend Swire Energy Services?” on a scale of 0 – 10.

Scoring is then categorised into:

  • Promoters (Scores of 9 & 10)
  • Passive (Scores of 7 & 8)
  • Detractors (Scores between 0 & 6)

A score is then calculated by the % of promoters – the % of detractors.

For more info on the NPS system please visit our provider Qualtrics’ website:

Customer satisfaction at SES

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