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Milestone for Swire Energy Services with ZERO Lost Time Injuries

Posted 31 Aug 2017

One of the key objectives in our 2020 vision is to ensure there will be 'Zero Harm to people and the Environment' we are therefore delighted to announce that we have reached a key milestone of having no Lost Time Injuries for the last 12 months. This is the first time our global business has ever achieved this and is testament to the continuing hard work of the entire Swire Energy Services teams.

The introduction of our behavioural safety campaigns Act on What You See and Path of Consequence have been key drivers in eliminating lost time injuries by nurturing a culture that helps everyone identify hazards, and have discussions on potential safety issues in an engaging manner that always has mutually agreed outcomes. These campaigns complement our rigorous safety operating processes and procedures and the combination of these along with the teamwork demonstrated will continue to progress our ‘Zero harm to people and the environment’ 2020 Vision objective.

Endorsements for ‘Path of Consequence’ and ‘Act On What We See’

Examples from our internal training sessions:

“The amount of people impacted from an accident at work is something I did not appreciate until I participated in the session”

“The emotional impact of the course and the impression it made on me was very strong – I will not walk by something and not raise it with the person going forward”

“I was not looking forward to a 2 ½ hrs safety training session but could not believe how engaging it was and how quickly the time went”

“It was great to have the session delivered by my own team to my team and not to need an outside consultant who does not know our business as well as we do”

We have also ran sessions with our customers and our employees as mixed teams to help share the learning experience and develop a more integrated and collaborative approach to safety.

Through the remainder of 2017 we will continue to build on the programme’s success by running further Act on What You See and Path of Consequence sessions across all Operating Companies which will be complemented with an increased focus on Near Miss reporting and investigation.

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