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Introducing: The new Swire Energy Services paint system

Posted 18 May 2021

As part of the 2030 carbon neutrality roadmap, Swire Energy Services are launching their new paint system, a combination of robotic applicators and a specialist paint which will be rolled out across SES’s global operations in 2021. The global offshore container maintenance programme, which sees SES maintain 55,000 units worldwide, represents a key opportunity for reducing carbon emissions. 2021 will see SES reduce emissions by 27% from the 2019 base year, the new paint system is a meaningful and measurable initiative contributing towards this goal.

New paint system – How does it work?

The paint system will be able to replicate the speed of output of the current manual process, applying up to 300 microns of paint in one pass. In addition, the automated system’s increased accuracy and repeatability will see cycle times reduced and losses due to overspray minimised. The new coating system will see SES containers worldwide protected in the new single-coat system. The new system surpassed SES’ rigorous testing standards, its increased durability performance means the traditional red topcoat is no longer required. The new coating will be grey in colour, a historic change for SES whose iconic red containers have been seen all over the world for over 40 years. The change is a result of the prioritisation of sustainability and performance in the selection process over aesthetics.

The reduction in paint volume, partnered with the new automated robotic application process, will support SES to reduce operational emissions. Further sustainability benefits as a result of using one coat include a crucial reduction in the release of volatile organic compound into the atmosphere and emissions related to the drying process are eliminated.

What does this mean to the painting process? - Sustainability results

  • 53% reduction in electricity consumption
  • 40% reduction in assets movements
  • 58% reduction in materials
  • 61% reduction in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • 52% reduction in CO2 emissions

Swire Energy Services will roll out the new system globally throughout 2021. As a significant stage in the roadmap to carbon neutrality, the system is a demonstration of the SES strategy to deliver measurable, proactive solutions to bettering our planet’s future.

In no uncertain terms, Swire Energy Services is committed to Net Zero by 2030.