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My Placement at Swire HQ

Posted 05 Sep 2018

Like so many of my friends and classmates approaching university, I was unsure of the direction I wanted to take in my future career. With such a tough decision and so many different options to consider, the RGU Management course stood out. Not only did it offer a variety of subjects, it offered the chance to work in industry with a third-year placement.

The first two years of the course covered a diverse range of subjects, but I always found myself drawn to the financial side of my business studies. With that in mind, when the time came to complete my years working experience I applied for an accountancy role at Swire Energy Services after reading the job description and researching the company in depth.

In my role I assisted the Group Finance Department with monthly and annual financial reporting, alongside working with the UK Finance Department two days per week, focusing on the transactional side of this business in comparison to the reporting side at Group level. From the moment I started my placement at Swire I was given a wide range of work and responsibilities, and whilst this was a lot of pressure at the start, I am really pleased I have had the opportunity to undertake that volume of work.

As part of the on-boarding experience at Swire I also got the opportunity to have a day in the yard, which involved seeing the different stages that the units go through before they are put out on hire. This gave me a big insight as to what goes on in the practical side of the business, and I even got to try welding.

I found it very easy to settle into Swire as everyone is extremely welcoming and the office atmosphere is relaxed and positive, yet professional. I didn’t anticipate having such a fulfilling placement year and my time at Swire has definitely helped grow my confidence both professionally and personally. The opportunity to have ownership of my tasks and work independently in my role has given me a better understanding of a career in finance, and ultimately has been the deciding factor in pursuing this as my future career.

As I head into my fourth and final year at RGU, I am excited to tackle the challenges of the year with a better understanding of what lies ahead and the confidence in my ability to delivery under pressure.