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Swire Energy Services achieves a decade of lost time injury (LTI) free operations in Brazil

Posted 19 Dec 2023

Swire Energy Services celebrates another significant achievement, reaching 10 years without any lost time injuries (LTI) in its operations in Brazil. This achievement, combined with the recent milestone of 4,000 days LTI free in Nigeria, reflects the company’s global dedication to the safety of its people.

A pivotal factor in reaching this milestone was unquestionably the active involvement of every Swire Energy Services employee in establishing and sustaining a robust, enduring health and safety culture in Brazil.

This commitment is consistently assured and promoted through the dedication of the company's senior management and the reinforcement of Swire Energy Services’ core values: integrity, humility, endeavour, excellence, and continuity.

10 years LTI free in Brazil

The health and safety culture is firmly rooted in the Brazil team, developed collaboratively for and by its members. Health, safety, environment, and quality (HSEQ) initiatives are regularly deliberated with the active involvement of all members, whether in comprehensive weekly meetings, area discussions, or monthly campaigns - covering a diverse range of HSEQ themes.

Employees across Swire Energy Services’ operations in Brazil are consistently prompted to submit care cards containing observations, non-conformities, and improvement opportunities, effectively serving as inspectors to uphold and strengthen this culture.

LTI free in Brazil

This accomplishment holds great significance for the team as a substantial portion of the current workforce has been dedicated to Swire Energy Services Brazil for over a decade, fostering a deep sense of ownership and responsibility for the health and wellbeing of their colleagues.

While the team plans to celebrate this achievement, their vision remains focused on the next 10 years’ lost time injury (LTI) free.

Michael King, Vice President Operations & HSEQ at Swire Energy Services says: “Building on our recent milestone of 4,000 LTI free days in Nigeria, achieving 10 years without accidents involving lost time in Brazil is another remarkable success for our team.

“This additional milestone not only elevates the team's standing with customers but also reaffirms Swire Energy Services as a workplace where safety is of the utmost priority.”

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