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Swire Water Systems Announcement

Posted 19 Jun 2014

John Swire and Sons Limited (“Swire”) is pleased to announce that, following a strategic review, Swire Water Systems (“SWS”), currently a division of Swire Energy Services (“SOS”) is to be managed as a standalone entity within the Swire portfolio of companies.

SWS, which specialises in water management services, is expected to form part of Swire’s green investments group in the future. This is in recognition of its commitment to strive for environmentally sustainable solutions whilst minimising the use of freshwater in the fracking industry

This change will ensure that SWS is best placed to capture the significant water management opportunities that exist in the fracking industry, initially in North America.

Andy Hunter, director of John Swire and Sons (Green Investments) Limited, has been appointed Chairman of SWS with immediate effect. Andy brings many years of experience of leading businesses worldwide with a strong focus on sustainability. He is the founder and Chairman of Argent Energy Limited, a renewable fuels company acquired by Swire in 2013, which converts waste oils into biodiesel.

Upon his appointment Andy said: “As a division of Swire Energy Services, SWS has created a unique opportunity servicing the rapidly expanding fracking industry in the USA and has developed an outstanding reputation for creating commercially viable, sustainable and safe solutions which are vital if the fracking industry is to continue to flourish.

“SWS aspires to become a large scale operator in this industry through the application of core Swire values. This change in the management of SWS represents the next phase in developing the company and emphasises the commitment of Swire to supporting that.

“I am looking forward to working with incoming President, Jerry Broussard, and the whole team at SWS. The team at Swire Energy Services have created the opportunity for SWS and are to be thanked, but it is now time for the management of SWS to move forwards as an independent team.”

Jerry Broussard has been appointed as President, Swire Water Systems and will run the operation from the Houston head office. Jerry also brings a wealth of experience to the role and has spent most of his career specialising in the North America fracking industry.

Swire Water Systems is focused on developing an industry leading total water management offering for the fracking industry that minimises the use of freshwater and drives unbeatable efficiencies. The company’s water transfer division is differentiated from its competitors through its extensive fleet of high quality leak free, lay-flat hose and high capacity pumps. This is supported by divisions in water reclamation and blending services.

Swire Water Systems currently operates from multiple locations in Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota and Mississippi working with many of the industry’s leading exploration and extraction companies. The company plans to expand within North America and beyond as well as into additional product lines to build out its overall water management offering.