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Helicopter Refuelling System

Posted 18 Apr 2018

Project Overview

Swire Energy Services aviation division was approached by a major North Sea operator to assist with the supply and delivery of a helicopter refuelling system that was compliant with the Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) CAP 437.

Project Location

North Sea

Equipment/Service provided

Helifuel Dispenser Cabinet - Compliant with CAA's CAP 437

Key Challenges

  • Client's current system needed to be replaced within a six week period in order to remain compliant with CAA's CAP 437.
  • Due to space constraints, the system that was in place was not adjacent to the helideck and the old reel was stiff, which subsequently lead to the unreeled hose frequently being left next to the helideck, creating a trip hazard.


  • Provide a replacement Helifuel Dispenser Cabinet that is compliant with CAA's CAP 437
  • Provide a solution that addresses the safety hazard that was highlighted by the client
  • Deliver a solution within a short time frame ( 6 weeks)
  • Assist with the removal and installation of the system on the platform
  • Certify the new system
  • Provide a comprehensive document pack, including user manuals and operational training


Swire Energy Services delivered a standard Swire Helifuel Dispensing Cabinet that was developed and created in-house and was fully compliant with CAP437. The system was built, certified and delivered within 4 weeks of client approval.

The system was also fitted, during manufacture, with a pneumatic hose rewind motor, making the rewinding of the helifuel hose a much easier, less labour intensive task and preventing any re-occurrence of the potential trip hazard associated with leaving the hose on deck.

Swire Energy Service aviation technicians were deployed offshore with the unit to supervise and assist with the removal and installation of the system and provide operational training as well as a comprehensive user manual.

Swire Helifuel Dispenser


  • The Swire standard system comprised of a pump cabinet, that can either be fitted with electric or air driven pumps, and a dispenser cabinet
  • Systems can be built in a very short space of time, typically under four weeks
  • Cost effective systems due to its standardised design and documentation
  • Easy to maintain due to standard parts list

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