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Rigging Loft Modification and Equipment Installation

Posted 04 Feb 2020

Project Overview

Swire Energy Services UK Team was approached by a major Oilfield Services Provider to modify a rigging loft to fit the exact specifications of one previously used by the company in Singapore, and supply equipment used within.

Project Location

Aberdeen, Scotland

Service/Product Provided

  • Provision of 20ft loft from fleet for immediate modification.
  • Engineering and Modification Services.
  • Sourcing and Supply of equipment.
  • Fabrication Services.
  • Testing and Inspection Services.
  • Blasting and Painting Services.

Key Challenges

  • Required a branded 20ft rigging loft that had the exact specifications of a loft the customer previously used in Singapore.
  • No technical drawings available to support manufacturing.
  • It was essential for the loft to be kitted with the equipment customer required. This included lifting equipment, welding equipment and general consumables.
  • Rigging loft required in a short time frame (2 weeks).

Scope of Work

  • Sourcing and modifying a 20ft container from our fleet.
  • Ensuring specifications from customer in regards to the inside and outside of the loft were met.
  • Fabricating of shelving and welding of all rigging pins, bars and hooks.
  • Blasting and painting loft post-production to fit customer branding.
  • Sourcing, supplying and fitting the loft with the essential equipment that the customer required.


Our UK team managed the entire project from design to installation with the use of in-house capabilities, including engineering, fabrication, sourcing and testing. This allowed for a turnaround of seven days.

The final solution delivered included:

  • Provision of sales stock 20ft Offshore Container.
  • Engineering support to create replica for missing technical drawings.
  • Fit out and installation of internal shelving, rigging pins and hanging bars according to client specifications.
  • Testing and inspection by in-house LEEA certified inspectors to ensure NDT and LOLER S12307 inspections.
  • Surface preparation and painting of container in customer brand colours.
  • Source and installation of equipment required by client from external lifting suppliers.
  • Transportation of loft to client site.


  • Modification of existing stock unit allowed for significant cost saving compared to the commission and manufacture of a new design.
  • Swire Energy Services was able to provide the entire scope of work, therefore reducing the need for multiple suppliers, minimising cost spend, and turnaround time.