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One of a Kind Storage and Transportation Solution for Moove Lubricants

Posted 24 Mar 2020

Project Overview

Swire Energy Services UK recently entered into a partnership with Moove UK. Moove “owned by COSAN Brazil” together with Swire Energy Services established a safer, more efficient and cost-effective method to transport, store and deliver Mobil Bulk Oil direct from mainland-Europe direct into Peterhead, Scotland. The newly commissioned system was designed and built for a major North Sea operator who owns and operates multiple platforms, help fast track the supply of critical path operational lubricants for their offshore equipment and turbines.

Project Location

Peterhead, Scotland

Service/Product Provided

  • Bulk storage capacity for 48,000 litres of Mobil oil
  • Full co-ordination of tank filling operations and transportation
  • Permanent rental fleet of dedicated Offshore Tanks
  • Engineering of bulk storage facility
  • All associated tracking, reporting and inspection services

Scope of Work

  • Design and construct a fully operational bulk oil storage and bulk oil transfer system at the Swire Energy Services base in Peterhead.

Key Challenges

  • Mobil bulk oil volume originally transported by tanker from Europe into the Moove facility in South East England where volume was decanted into 1,000 litre IBCs.
  • IBC’s were then transported to Aberdeen in batches by a 3rd party haulier and held in storage at a warehouse in the South side of the city.
  • Once customer required volume, the required number of IBC’s would then be transported by MOOVE pumping trucks to another handling yard North of Aberdeen where IBC contents would be decanted by pump into DNV Offshore Tanks and subsequently transported to Peterhead logistics base for shipping offshore.
  • The original transportation and handling were excessive, labour intensive, inefficient and added additional and unnecessary costs onto the operation.
  • The additional and excessive handling also added risk to personnel, risk to the environment and added risk to the oil properties i.e. exposure to atmospheric moisture and airborne particles.


Swire Energy Services provided Moove with a comprehensive solution for each transportation, storage, tank transfer and delivery of MOBIL Oil by:

  • Installing a bulk storage and handling facility, comprising of two insulated 24,000 litre capacity ISO tanks and an in-house designed incorporated catchment bund, with scope to increase capacity in future should it be required.
  • Providing in-house engineering who created design drawings and calculations for pipework that incorporated dry-break connections for both incoming tanker fill line and the suction and discharge lines on the pump transfer skid.
  • Moove supplied a standalone PLC controlled diesel driven dual pump skid which has a built-in data logger, this allowed operatives to fill DNV tanks quickly and safely.
  • Coordinating full fabrication, quality control and testing of system installed and commission by trained MOOVE and Swire personnel.
  • Constructed and assembling holding tanks, values and manifolds in stainless steel to prevent corrosion and reduce possibility of particulate contamination.


New system provided Moove and their customer with security and peace of mind that the Mobil lubricant volume could be supplied direct from Peterhead in a safer, more efficient, cleaner and cost-effective manner.

  • Quicker delivery with 'same day' availability.
  • Delivered operational savings of approximate 5% on transport and labour.
  • Reduced risks to personnel and environment.
  • Two 24K litre tank design with self-contained bund (48K litre) provides additional storage for extra volume and allows us to simultaneously fill and discharge Mobil product.
  • Dual data logged PLC controlled pumping system provides 100% accuracy.
  • With dual pump skid we have 100% redundancy in the event of pump failure as either pump can obtain suction and discharge from either tank into containers.
  • Dedicated fleet of DNV offshore containers maintains continuity and availably.
  • Maintains product integrity and cleanliness by cutting-out multiple handling points and exposure to atmospheric moisture or particulates.
  • Daily tank telemetry installed for real-time visibility on volume movements.
  • Insulated tanks to prevent atmospheric sweating and moisture contamination.
  • All lines and valves constructed in stainless steel to prevent rust and corrosion.