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Swire Energy Services expands aviation solutions with new helideck monitoring system

Posted 30 Nov 2023

Helideck at night

Swire Energy Services (SES) has launched its Scalable Aviation Weather Observation System (SAWOS), becoming the first offshore aviation service provider to have its own CAA approved helideck monitoring system.

Alongside its existing aviation services, this new helideck monitoring system enables SES to offer an end-to-end helideck and refuelling solution for the offshore market - helping operators save on costs and time.

The system provides accurate, real-time data on the helideck's surface, surrounding airspace and weather conditions, as well as high speed environmental monitoring. Combined, this enables more efficient, cost-effective, safe and sustainable offshore operations for floating installations and vessels.

Swire Energy Services’ helideck monitoring system

Wayne Manning, vice president oil & gas and aviation at SES, said: “After two years of development, we are excited to officially launch our combined helideck and environmental monitoring system SAWOS - designed to enable operators to access accurate and quality-controlled data in real-time, while meeting stringent industry safety regulations and certification standards.

“This enables SES to further support our global customer base and the wider offshore industry by extending the range of aviation services we can offer, and means our customers can benefit from working with a singular supplier, saving them time and money from the outset.”

Nathan Munro, global business development manager for aviation at SES, added: “SAWOS has significantly enhanced functionality and goes far beyond the capabilities of helideck monitoring systems currently on the market. Fully customisable to suit our clients’ requirements, our system unlocks possibilities both on and beyond the helideck.

“Our CAA accreditation further strengthens SES’ position in the market as a fully compliant, leading provider of integrated and tailored aviation support services.”

Operating for over 30 years, SES is the only company to offer the full package of helideck and refuelling services globally, including helideck audits, friction testing, services, upgrades and maintenance, as well as refuelling systems supply and rental, inspection, certification and maintenance, and consultancy services.

To find out more about Swire Energy Services’ new helideck and environmental monitoring system, SAWOS, visit: swirees.com/SAWOS