Helideck Monitoring System


Our Helideck Monitoring System (HMS) is designed to provide accurate data on the helideck's surface, surrounding airspace, and weather conditions in real-time providing the maximum opportunity for flights to be completed safely in a seamless, cost-effective manner, and also functions as an Environmental Monitoring Solution (EMS) system to ensure a more flexible solution to all real time monitoring requirements.

Provided with a standard design or can be tailored to client specific requirements providing the necessary information to the right person at the right time.

The system is designed to work with a wide range of sensors from different manufacturers and complies with Aviation safety standards including CAP 437, and is approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority­­ for use on floating and fixed installations.

Real time helideck V2

Access accurate, real-time helideck, airspace and weather data

Enable safe operations

Enable safe, efficient and sustainable offshore operations

Meet safety reg

Meet safety regulations and certification standards

Benefit from enhanced functionalty

Benefit from enhanced functionality and customisation

Scalable Aviation Weather Observation System (SAWOS)

Swire Energy Services has launched its combined helideck and environmental monitoring system - unlocking possibilities on and beyond the helideck to enable more efficient, cost-effective, safe and sustainable offshore operations.

On the helideck monitoring system (HMS) side, SAWOS provides reliable information on helideck motion and weather for pre-flight planning and during the flight itself, to enhance the safe landing of helicopters offshore.

However, the system is much more than a HMS, it has significantly enhanced functionality compared to other systems on the market, as it has wider environmental monitoring capabilities, specifically designed to deliver operational efficiencies and safe operations.

Key benefits of using SAWOS

  • Provides real-time, accurate data to support safer and enhanced helicopter operations, pre-flight planning, vessel planning and offshore crane and drilling operations on offshore floating installations and vessels
  • Fully compliant with existing and future UK CAA CAP437 and Norwegian standards
  • Fully customisable system tailored to client requirements
  • Can be accessed anywhere using a Microsoft Windows based PC, tablet or mobile device
  • Integrates with existing sensors for reduced installation costs and maximum cost effectiveness
  • Supported worldwide by regional SES specialist engineers
  • Remote diagnostics and software upgrades to keep up-to-date with regulation changes
  • Additional helideck requirements supported through software and services

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Helideck monitoring system (HMS)

Reliable information on motion and weather are required for pre-flight planning and during the flight itself, to provide the maximum opportunity for the flight to be completed safely, efficiently and cost effectively. Floating offshore vessels including Semi-Submersibles, Services Operation Vessels (SOV), Flotels, Subsea Vessels, FPSO's & Seismic vessels require accurate weather data including helideck motion, to allow for the safe landing of helicopters for personnel offshore.

Swire Energy Services has extensive experience in designing, engineering and commissioning helideck monitoring systems (HMS). Our systems are designed to interface with weather and motion sensors to provide real time data to support & improve offshore helicopter landing & take off operations. Approved by the UK CAA CAP437 & designed to meet the requirements of Norwegian Requirements - CAA BSL D 5-1 & Brazilian DPC Normam-27, our HMS Interfaces with weather & motion sensors to provide real time data around:

  • Wind
  • Barometric pressure
  • Air temperature
  • Air humidity
  • Visibility and cloud cover
  • Motion

Environmental monitoring system (EMS)

Our Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) within SAWOS can Interface with any sensor located offshore to offer a combined software solution. providing a real-time data display tailored to client specific requirements with the option to enhance its functionality to collect and share data with other monitoring systems like TMS, SCADA, Helifuel Systems and many others. Capabilities include:

  • Acoustic doppler current profiler
  • Strain gauges
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Lightening detection
  • Calibrated forecasting
  • Stress monitoring
  • Water status

We work collaboratively with our clients to help deliver as much value as possible through our EMS - give us any challenge and we can solve it.

System calibration, verification and maintenance

Helideck monitoring systems and environmental monitoring systems are sophisticated set-ups designed to monitor a range of variables such as wind speed, direction, temperature, and other critical environmental factors. These systems need regular calibration, verification and maintenance to remain in compliance with safety standards, and to provide correct real-time data to pilots, ground crews, and operators.

Swire Energy Services has highly trained and multi skilled engineers who can perform calibration, verification and maintenance of the HMS and EMS as specific task or as part of a multi-scope offshore campaign.

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A combined helideck and environmental monitoring system

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“SAWOS has significantly enhanced functionality and capabilities compared to systems currently on the market. Fully customisable to suit our clients' specific requirements, our system unlocks possibilities on and beyond the helideck - helping to achieve more efficient, cost-effective, safe and sustainable offshore operations."

Nathan Munro
Nathan Munro, Commercial Manager - Aviation
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Why partner with SES?

With the launch of SAWOS, our combined helideck and environmental monitoring system, Swire Energy Services (SES) is now the only company to offer the full package of helideck and refuelling services globally, including helideck audits, friction testing, services, upgrades and maintenance, as well as refuelling systems supply and rental, inspection, certification and maintenance, and consultancy services.

Clients benefit from working with one supplier, saving significant time and money. Other benefits of working with SES include:

  • Supply and maintain of the full HMS system including software and sensors
  • Approved and certified to local standards including - ABS, CAA and DNV
  • Proven track record working with United States Coast Guard
  • Fully compliant with existing and future CAP 437 standards
  • Custom-design and manufacture capabilities
  • Established for over 25 years’
  • Experts in refuelling systems

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