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Swire Energy Services completes aviation maintenance service package and Helideck Monitoring System installation for Deep Value Driller

Posted 06 Mar 2024

Swire Energy Services has supplied a comprehensive package of aviation services for 7th generation drilling rig, Deep Value Driller. This included the installation of our helideck monitoring system - SAWOS (Scalable Aviation Weather Observation System).

The drilling vessel, formally known as the Bolette Dolphin, required a suite of services to be implemented that would ensure its helideck and refuelling system were aligned with the latest CAP437 9b regulations.

Project overview:

Initially, Swire Energy Services was asked to complete a thorough survey of the existing helideck and helifuel refuelling system to ensure these assets complied with regulations. Our experts conducted an in-depth analysis of these systems and established a number of upgrades and services were required to ensure the vessel aligned with CAP437 9b regulations.

This high-level project was managed from our central aviation hub, while our experts collaborated with a number of esteemed suppliers to support with the upgrades which would ultimately result in the client achieving vessel classification.

As well as the enhancements made to the helideck and refuelling system, our experts were tasked with the design and installation of our helideck monitoring system, SAWOS. This included:

  • Engineer and design of helideck monitoring system
  • Installation of new sensors, motion reference unit (MRU) and SAWOS software
  • Factory acceptance test (FAT) of system including electrical assembly of control panel
  • Installation of repeater light
  • Installation of Circle & Circle net light

The SES service:

During our initial survey, our experts determined what sensors were compliant with the latest CAP437 regulations, and what upgrades were required for software, control panels and lighting equipment. Once established, our team was able to support the client with the below upgrades, as well as the installation of SAWOS:

  • Installation of Vaisala PTU 303 series combined Pressure, Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
  • Installation of HMS Repeater Lighting
  • Installation of Frictape Net H & Circle Lighting
  • Installation of NorSub MRU
  • Implementation of SAWOS software, including new system supply and electrical works

The comprehensive system was tested and assembled at Swire Energy Services' in-house facility in Svieo, Norway, and was delivered to the vessel upon completion. The expert reactivation team then completed the full installation of the aforementioned equipment in a timely manner while the vessel was in quayside.

In addition to the SAWOS installation, our team was required to complete a number of services in accordance with CAP437:

  • Helicopter refuelling system upgrades and commissioning, while providing spare supplies
  • Tank IMO 5-year hydrostatic air and water test
  • Helideck audit and friction test
  • Perimeter net test

The client benefited greatly from Swire Energy Services' vast experience in reactivating and upgrading vessels. As our division is capable of delivering a complete suite of aviation solutions, our customers such as Deep Value Driller can capitalise on working with a singular supplier, which can save them both time and money form the outset. Assigned a designated project manager, our team was able to coordinate everything from its central aviation hub which made this a seamless and efficient project.

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