Testing and Inspection Services

Swire Energy Services have a long history of contributing to the establishment of industry standards and best practice. We offer comprehensive Test & Inspection services, both onshore and offshore, so you can be assured your operations meet international compliance regulations.

Testing and inspection services are are available from all our 59 global base locations.

Lifting Equipment and Accessories Inspection

Our LEEA qualified inspection engineers can undertake a wide range of LOLER inspections on fixed and loose lifting equipment.

Inspection services include:

  • Non-Destructive Testing (PCN & ASNT in MPI, DPI, UT & ECT)
  • Proof load testing
  • Deck mounted crane inspections
  • FROG inspections
  • Vessel mobilisation & demobilisation supervision
  • Mooring bollard inspections
  • Permanent site engineers
  • Technical support

Tank IMO testing

We conduct recertification of tanks and tank trucks. This can be either 5-year periodic inspection or 2,5 year periodic inspection, witnessed by recognised certification agencies.

We can also provide leak-test of tanks after repair or demount of bottom valve and spark-test if required when performing recertification of tanks that have inner lining (rubber lining).

Offshore container inspections

We're industry leaders in offshore containers, we understand the importance of ensuring the integrity of your assets before they're sent offshore.

Our technicians, qualified under SES' internal comeptency training programme, are experts in offshore DNV standards. The global team conduct inspections on all load-bearing parts, including inspections of the base structure, welding, shackles, slings, pad-eye and more.

Non-Destructive Equipment testing

Our team of level-2 ASNT & PCN, NDT technicians can offer non-destructive testing in a variety of disciplines and techniques including:

  • MPI (magnetic particle inspection)
  • DPI (dye penetrate inspection)
  • UT wall thickness checks
  • UT (ultrasonic testing) 3.1,3.2,3.8 & 3.9
  • VT (visual testing)
  • ECT (Eddy current)

We also offer hire equipment including Y6 Yokes, Battery Packs, UT Kits, ET Kits, and Thickness Gauges.

Statutory Inspections

Trained under GWO standards, our engineers are qualified to carry out statutory/LOLER inspections servicing Offshore Wind, Marine and Oil & Gas sectors.

Inspections include:

  • Fall arrest systems
  • Palfinger boom cranes
  • Rescue davit arms
  • Fixed structure & portable ladders
  • Fire extinguishers
  • PAT testing
  • Various lifting equipment.

Servicing of Lifting Equipment

We complete 12 monthly services and 6 monthly inspections on lifting equipment, including:

  • Wire rope
  • Chain blocks
  • Lever Hoists
  • Chain slings
  • Beam trolleys.

Inspection of electrical equipment

We complete certified annual inspection of electrical equipment, including certificates.

We offer you an extra advantage: we can include both yearly lifting inspections as well as yearly electrical inspection if required. These can be conducted in accordance with the relevant national or international standard, such as DNV 2.7-2 or Z-015.

Certificate Management

After required inspections, we will upload all required documentation/certificates to our Overvuportal (Overvu lifting equipment) for easy access.

This enables you to access certificates and have full overview of your own equipment and status for next inspection date. All customers receive a personal login and password to access the site.

Key Services include:

Certification Storage:- OverVu can store certification for a wide range of assets and equipment, including offshore containers, lifting equipment and tools

Compliance Visibility:- A user friendly traffic light system allows users to see the compliance status of all assets based on the number of days to recertification

Recertification Alerts:- Automated alerts generated through OverVu advise users up to 60 days before certifications are due for renewal

Asset Tracking:- In addition to storing compliance data, OverVu can allow users to locate their equipment and assets throughout the supply chain, making it easier to coordinate the recertification activities

Technical Support Services

Swire Energy Services has created a range of personnel development sessions. Our courses are part of our collaborative approach to sharing knowledge and best practice whilst maintaining a strong focus on safety, driving efficiencies, increasing competitive advantage and long term business performance.

Key Services include:

  • Fluid Management
  • Dropped Object Awareness & Prevention
  • Inspection & Maintenance
  • Safety


Our expertise encompasses the inspection of lifeboat release & retrieval systems and winches.